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Standard Gauge Wheel SGW-001OS


Item Number: SCW-001OS

Size: 400*115mm

1)product features&advantages

Suncare tires better elasticity and antifriction than solid tires;

these tires don't also need inflation and mend,comparing to pneumatic tires

2) application:

they are widley used for lawn mowers,agricultural machines ,seeders, planting machines,luggage carts,trolleys,generators,air compressors,medical applications,go-karts,turf equipments,golf carts and so on

3)company advantages:

♦  We have professional techinicians  and good executives introduced from Maschio
♦  We have a full set of advanced  tire-making machines and equipments in the process of mixing,extrusion,molding,curing. Our production technology is up to the industry's top level

♦  Our company has its own laboratory and a full set of testing equipments,used to test  the physical properties of rubber mixture and the performance of tires. Products' quality is strictly controlled in  each process.

♦ High quality engineering plastic cover with good mechanical strength and good stability.

♦ Unique rubber formulas and tire production process, provides wear resistance and strong  tear resistance, then longer life time..
♦ One-step forming steel cover, made of high intensity tensile sheet, ensures   good consistency. Optimized cover design, capable of heavy duty.
♦ Peer bearings inside, 3-lips, even 6-lips seals to ensure longer bearing life and reliable dustproof performance.
♦ Precise components and special mounting fixtures, ensures the runout within 1.00mm.



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