About Us

About Us

SANMEN SUNCARE RUBBER-BELT CO.,LTD, founded in 1989, is a professional manufacturer of high-quality Agri Belts & Ribbed Belts, seeder wheels with brand “SUNCARE”.


The Ribbed Belts are PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM, which provide power to all kinds of washer machines, air compressors and automobile motors etc.

The Agri belts mainly include Wrapped V-belts(HM, HL, 2HB, 3HB ect.) and Raw Edge Cogged V-belts, which are used in different kinds of combines, from harvesting rice, wheat, potato to corn, especially in John Deere, New Holland, CLAAS and Kubota combine harvesters.

The factory not only produces belts according to ISO Standard, but also manufactures special belts as per customer’s requirement. We are responsible for product development, manufacturing and optimization.


Suncare Seeder Wheels were born as a concept more than five years ago to address a glaring problem facing OEM agricultural machinery manufacturers - how to get individualized product from knowledgeable suppliers, who will maintain high standards for quality, reliability and service.  Too often OEM's like you are beholden to a handful of key suppliers who, though perhaps capable, are unwilling to provide specialization to meet your true needs.  This is especially true for wheels, which are not simply a component or even a mechanical sub-assembly, but a device in their own right.

To solve this problem, Suncare does the following things that other suppliers are either unwilling or unable to do:

• Provides boutique, specialized service to produce and deliver product that is tailored to precisely meet the specifications you truly require.

• Offers adequate capacity, advance planning, and overtime work as needed to fulfill your orders with minimal lead time.

Our client feedback indicates that our belts and wheels are in every way equal or superior to our competition, and being an experienced China-based manufacturer, we therefore are well-positioned to provide the industry's best overall value.